Building Defects Diagnosis

An investigation into specific building defects where concern exists over specific parts of, or defects in, a property.

Examples of this specialist work are the detailed study of movement, cracking, bulging, timber decay or the testing of building services such as wiring, heating, drainage etc.

The scope of this type of investigation will be specific to each individual job and, if necessary, the brief may be altered as findings on site dictate.

For example this may also require the inclusion of a specialist report from a Structural Engineer which we would organise.

building defects

Reinstatement Cost Assessment For Insurance

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment for Insurance will advise on the anticipated cost of re-constructing a building in the event of damage by an insured risk and will have no direct relationship to the market value of the property. Usually a Reinstatement Cost Assessment will be made by reference to figures published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors/Building Cost Information Service (RICS/BCIS)

Where this is not appropriate, for example in the case of a listed or nonstandard building, it may only be possible to assess re-construction costs by the preparation of approximate building quantities and costing them. In such instances the method of assessment is to be agreed in writing by the parties beforehand.

Stock Condition Survey

A Stock Condition Survey will be commissioned to assess the state of repair or condition of an organisation’s current building stock in connection with the preparation of a maintenance programme. The results of Stock Condition Surveys will often be stored on a database.

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